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Guangzhou, China, Dec 2-4, 2012

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- Long space missions and gene therapy 

- Life expectancy studies in Space: Correction of magnesium deficits.

Third International Biochemistry and Biophysics Forum, Toronto, Canada, Sept. 16-17, 2013.  Urban Pollution: Lessons from Apollo.

Fourth World Gene Convention, Nov 13-16, 2013, Haikou, China Gene Therapy and Space Missions

International Drug Discovery Science and Technology, Therapy and EXPO Nov 13-16, 2013, Haikou, China: Gene Therapy and Space Missions

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17th European Heart Disease and Heart Failure Congress: "Neil Armstrong Syndrome and Thermoregulation", Keynote Speaker, March 15-17, 2017, London, UK

Global Biotechnology Congress: "Neil Armstrong Syndrome and Thermoregulation", July 10-13, 2017, Boston, Ma

Innovate Medicine: "Neil Armstrong Syndrome and Thermoregulation", Keynote Speaker, November 29-30, 2017, Brisbane, Australia

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Innovate Conference, Brisbane, Australia , Nov. 29, 30, 2017

Brake iron dust intensifies hypertension. Internal Medicine: A new system for Patient Care:
Vienna, Austria, Mar. 26-27, 2018

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